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One Apartment, Two Brothers, and Nasir

Rating: Explicit

Summary: After being fired, Nasir has to move in with his friends, Agron and Duro. But when something more sparks between him and Agron, Duro keeps getting in the way.

Word count: 3,556

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I would like to see a Nagron AU where Nasir is a lightweight professional fighter and is trained by Gannicus. Agron is a friend of Gannicus and goes along to watch a fightand before the fight sees Nasir and doesn't seem impressed, then watches Nasir trounce a guy in the fight and Agron is smitten.



That was such a cute idea, it had to be written immediately.

Pairing/characters: Agron/Nasir, Gannicus ~ Rating: PG - 13 ~ Modern AU ~ Word count: 618 ~ Disclaimer: I DON’T own anyone or anything. I DON’T own the characters. The fanfic is written for fun, NOT for profit.

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That day Spartacus was amazed to discover that when Agron nodded what he meant was “I’m going to rip Nasir’s loincloth off, slam him against the wall, and fuck his brains out.”

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2.07 | sacramentum


2.07 | sacramentum

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Admiral Sir Pana Hema-Taylor

Admiral Sir Pana Hema-Taylor

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Admiral Daniel G. Feuerriegel

Admiral Daniel G. Feuerriegel

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