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Admiral Sir Pana Hema-Taylor

Admiral Sir Pana Hema-Taylor

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Admiral Daniel G. Feuerriegel

Admiral Daniel G. Feuerriegel

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Saxa | German warrior princess

Saxa | German warrior princess

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Harry and Ron’s fourth year divination predictions coming true
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Chapter 3, Come By Here, A Summer To Remember


Title: A Summer To Remember

Author: Amaranth827

Over-all Rating: M

Warnings: May contain Triggers! Read at your own discretion! There are probably going to be a lot of touchy subjects in this story. It is rated MA, for more than one reason, so please read with caution. I will try to give a chapter warning also.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to own the character of Spartacus or to have anything to do with the show, which solely lies with Starz and Steven S. DeKnight. I just like to use the characters as toys in my imagination. Sorry Agron and Nasir!!! I write these just for fun, no profit was made!

Chapter Rating/Warning: PG-13 to R for Language and mentions of anxiety.

Chapter Word Count: 2,749

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